thetinyvegan - tattoo artist - australia - germany


If you are interested in a tattoo appointment, I need as much information as possible to offer you an appointment as soon as possible.

First, here is some important information up front:

I am located in Fremantle area, WA and work Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10AM - 8PM

I do NOT tattoo:
- under 18 years
- pregnant or breastfeeding women
- colored ink
- on the lip

I cannot guarantee the quality of tattoos on fingers, palms, elbows, feet or head, nor do I do free touch-ups, as tattoos on these areas can blur, fade and change much faster than on other parts of the body.

I do not send out finished designs, everything is discussed via email. Of course, changes can still be made on the day of the appointment.

I charge the tattoo price individually, asking for a minimum of $180.

Once we find a date, I ask that you pay a $50 deposit. This is an important backup and appointment confirmation for me and will then be offset against the tattoo price. If there is a cancellation/ reschedule, you must notify me 48hrs prior to the appointment or the deposit will be forfeited.


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Thank you and I will contact you very soon!